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can avast and comodo run together › help-for-v3 › installing-configuring-together-como. Avast and Comodo are similar antivirus options but Avast is aimed at experienced users who want a budget-friendly, low-maintenance option. Comodo is a slightly. as well as some PUP bundles. However, I already have Avast antivirus running with file system / web shields, "DeepScreen", "Home Network. ONEDRIVE WINSCP Приём заказов через корзину на сайте пн. Приём заказов через корзину нам. Приём заказов через корзину нам. Вы можете через корзину нам с пн в день.

Many thanks for your reply. That sounds great. So can I install Avast before Comodo, or doesn't it matter? And if I've already installed Avast, do I need to disable it before installing Comodo? Hear so many horror stories of people installing different things in 'the wrong order' so to speak, and it not working properly. Thanks again for your help. I look forward to getting both progs up and running. Vettetech Guest. It doesnt matter the order. The only problem with order is using Kaspersky.

If you have Comood installed then try to install Kaspersky you will need to uninstall Comodo first then install Kaspersky. This is not the problem with Avast. Hey V. How have you been? You'll be happy to know I haven't changed my security for three days. I also don't post in Wilders anymore. I'm done with that forum.

This one is very nice though and it's good to see you in here helping out. Take care. Nice to see you back but watch the comments. HI: I have Comodo Version 2. I recently downloaded Avast Anti-Virus 4. I cannot use it as we cannot connect to the internet. Update executable.

You can choose from a ticketed message system, live chat, user forum, and phone or email support. The first thing to do is to understand what you need — all antiviruses come with different internet security tools to help you stay protected, so identifying what level of protection you want will help you figure out which product is right for you.

Some antiviruses have a virtual private network VPN , some have safe browsing extensions, and some have a password manager. Some only work on certain operating systems, while others cover all operating systems across multiple devices. A high-quality antivirus suite will detect, flag, and remove viruses and various types of malware. It will also offer real-time protection against all threats, regardless of whether you are browsing the internet, downloading software, shopping online, or opening email.

For additional security, many antivirus suites offer a VPN, secure storage, and a password manager — these things all add several layers of protection against various cyber threats. For more information on how antiviruses work, read this. An antivirus needs to protect against all types of malware — trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, viruses, ransomware, and anything else that might cause damage to your devices. This is done in a variety of ways, but the most essential feature of an antivirus is real-time protection — this makes sure that an active threat is effectively stopped before anything serious can happen.

Other things to look for include — excellent detection rates, fast system performance, included extra features like a VPN, password manager, etc. Go here for a list of the best antivirus software of You can also look at the expert opinions of our reviewers at SafetyDetectives.

RUB Russian ruble. Home Comparison Avast vs Comodo. Avast vs Comodo: Which One is Better? We compare security, extra features, ease of use, and more to help you decide. Change Companies. Compare Antivirus:. Select 3rd Antivirus Optional. Professional Reviews. Affiliate Commissions. Reviews Guidelines. Sophie Anderson. See Plans. Latest Positive Review.

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Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Author Topic: Comodo running with Avast - any conflicts? Read times. However, I have a few questions before I install it since this kind of software always makes me a bit nervous I'm currently running Avast antivirus version 4. Can I install Comodo firewall with Avast happily or is the one likely to interfere with the other?

Can I ensure that I get my system back if something goes wrong by creating a backup safepoint before starting? Does Comodo firewall come with an antivirus of its own and if so can I disable it on installation? Have you heard that the German and French governments are trying to get a law passed so that they can install Trojan horses legally on people's computers?

What do you think of this? Many thanks for your help and advice. Vettetech Guest. Avast and Comod run great together. Comodo doesnt have a built in av. Read about it here. Why dont you just Google it and see what you come up with. Oriour Comodo Loves me Posts: I use both and can tell you that I've experienced no conflicts. I dunno. It has a built in scanner, but it's only for on demand, so you never have to touch it.

Avast vs Mcafee. Avast vs Eset. Bitdefender vs Comodo. Bitdefender vs Avast. With over McAfee has a dedicated database that is adept to deal with all sorts of virus attacks whether they may be online or offline. To browse their programs, check out their programs here! You should also check out our full Comodo antivirus review. Diving into a little deeper, the problem that most of us face is the malware attacks or spyware or viruses.

Having conducted the independent tests, the results that we saw were quite surprising since both of the software offered an easy-to-use UI. Do you have to pay more than you actually need? Having been to many websites that conduct reviews and ratings making it easier for the interested people to know more about a particular product or service, we concluded that the Avast outshines Comodo in this area too.

As you can see clearly that Avast has won many rounds in this head-to-head comparison. Furthermore, it comes packed with more security-enhancing features and therefore surpasses Comodo. Also, people are not much aware of Comodo as they are familiar with Avast for it puts less impact on the system performance while running in the foreground or background.

Avast and Comodo on the basis of their category briefly above, now is the moment to consider the wide-ranging comparison so that we could cover what we missed in the short review above. First things first. What catches the eye of a customer in the beginning? What do you think it is? Avast free antivirus is a great choice for those who are looking forward to being accustomed to the basics of the antivirus.

The UI is intuitive and offers a simple-to-use interaction to the user, allowing you to reach the destination page in next to no time. The free edition can be downloaded and utilized on Windows, Android, and Mac. How good is Avast for Windows OS? In the free version edition, you can protect your Wi-Fi connection and secure your passwords by locking them in your password vault and use with just a single click.

Free Edition. It comes with a next-level edition, having more features added to it. For example, you can run suspicious apps without any worry, stop the attacks from spying on your webcam. Over and above, you will get automatic updates. Buy Now. Remove junk files and make your system faster than you could ever imagine. On top of that, you could now browse the Internet safely with the help of a VPN and get access to the geo-restricted websites in next to no time.

You will come across two types of Mac-specific antivirus: Free and Pro version. All that free edition offers is the fundamentals which may not be sufficient for you to stop a high-level attack or some of the newer vulnerabilities.

This presents a Comodo Firewall that will keep you updated all the time on all of the suspicious threats. You will get automatic updates for the definition that will keep your software updated all the time from newly-born viruses or malware. Not just that, be it viruses, worms, Trojans, or other types of PC invaders, you will be highly secured from all these. This has been designed with the requirements of PC users in mind. The suite offers next-level real time protection even from the most sophisticated malware or ransomware attacks.

Everything that has been introduced in the advanced package has already been included in this suite. If your will is to have a premium plan that is capable of helping you stay one ahead of the emerging threats, malware, ransomware, and unauthorized access. Stay in the safe zone while doing online banking transactions. But how to differentiate between Comodo and Avast to finally decide the best-fit antivirus in terms of better malware protection?

This works based on the score awarded to each antivirus based on their performance on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the best and 1 being the worst rating. This is what you need to pay heed to while selecting your antivirus. We evaluated the run performance of both antiviruses and determined which software would be better for you. Again, we relied on the Av-test and AV-comparative test results in this category and the result was surprising.

Avast turned out to be getting ahead of the Comodo in this head-to-head comparison. User-friendliness also plays a significant role in the overall selection of antivirus because if a program is not user-friendly i. Good software should be easy to use. For example, many programs have the menu grouped to the left-hand side because we have a tendency to go to the left side in search of the menu.

Furthermore, this evaluation needs to be done on the basis of suites packages in accordance with your needs. The suites are designed for individual, family, and business requirements. So, first, understand why you want to purchase the antivirus package. So, to get the final upshot, we considered the feedbacks of the valid customers left on the BBB a. Better Business Bureau, a popular website that rate the websites by collecting reviews and ratings of the customers.

Winner: Avast by a landslide. Comodo really neds to pick up from that D-. By a fair margin, Comodo could not surpass Avast in terms of next-level security features, ultimate protection from digital threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. From phishing scams to malware attacks, security threats grow increasingly by the day.

Although the products we mentioned are very good, it cannot beat the likes of McAfee.

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